The Nature Coast Civil War Reenactment Committee has joined the CIVIL WAR TRUST to help save our battlefields from being paved over by roads and developments. To help the Trust save a battlefield the Committee has sent a $2000.00 donation to the Trust which at this time will be matched with a $5.00 to $1.00 MATCHING GRANT Challenge effectively donating $10,000 to help save 355 acres at the Civil War Battlefields of 1863 Chancellorsville and join it to the 1864 Wilderness Battlefield.  The Committee has further pledged to donate YEARLY from reenactment proceeds.

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The Civil War Trust is the largest and most effective NONPROFIT organization devoted to the preservation of America’s hallowed battlegrounds.

The Trust seeks to inform the public about the vital role these battlefields played in determining the course of our nation’s history.


43,177 acres SAVED including
purchase of LEE’S HEADQUARTERS' at Gettysburg to now total 943 acres
purchased an additional  2.8 acre at APPOMATTOX COURTHOUSE
now totaling 237 acres
purchased an additional 13 acres at HARPERS FERRY
now totaling 342 acres
purchased the Fontana Farm at NORTH ANNA
totaling 654 acres
purchased additional property at GLENDALE
now totaling 678 acres
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