Sutler Registration

Only authentic Civil War Era Sutlers are allowed at this reenactment. Sutlers are limited to the First 40 (FORTY) who are pre-registered and have paid the applicable Sutler Fee on or before February 1, 2017.

First- time Sutlers must send a recent photograph of their tent set-up along with this registration and must be approved by the Committee before the event.

Each Sutler will be assigned a specific site space. Set-up will be supervised by the Nature Coast Civil War Committee.

Non-registered / walk-up civil war sutlers will be charged a $100.00 registration fee before being allowed to setup.

Sutler Fee:

Food Sutler $45.00
Non-food Sutler: $35.00

Make check payable to: Nature Coast Civil War Committee.

Download the Sutler Registration Form

Artillery Registration Form

Artillery bounty will be paid BETWEEN 11 and 11:30 AM on Sunday. Location to be announced at the Saturday Artillery meeting at 10 AM.

Download the Artillery Registration Form